Down-to-earth Modalen is an enchanting western Norwegian municipality that offers those memorable moments far away from the worries of everyday life.

With just about 400 inhabitants, Modalen is Norway’s second smallest municipality. In other words, in Modalen you do not risk having to wait in line or feeling like you are caught in a tourist trap. Whether activities, food or accommodations, all our goods and services are unique, authentic and local small-scale experiences. You as the guest with your desires and needs are our focus.

As the name of our municipality reveals (Modalen = the Mo valley), Modalen is a long valley that begins in the Stølsheimen Mountains and follows Steinsland Lake and the Budal River down to Mo and the Mofjord, an extension of the Romarheimfjord. The municipality center is in Mo and many of the public and private goods and services are in this village. However, there are also several other smaller villages in the valley, well worth a visit.

Like many other western Norwegian municipalities, Modalen is known for its untamed nature and fantastic hiking opportunities and a good portion of what we offer as activities are nature-based. Modalen is spectacular mountains, a unique fjord (that was previously a lake) and of course Stølsheimen. Everything in one place!